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November 2023. We founded BioMap5D LLC
January 2022. Kayna Anderson 
(Biomedical Engineering) is our new undergraduate student

October 2021. Sajad Sarvari joined our lab as a Ph.D. student

July 2021. New R21 NIBIB NIH grant



July 2021.  Dr. Tseytlin is promoted to the rank of Associate Professor 

January 2021.  Duncan McGee (Biomedical Engineering @ WVU) joined the lab

Duncan no mask.jpg

September 2020. We built a bio-printer prototype in the lab.

August 2020.  Vignesh Sivashankar (Electrical Engineering @ WVU) joined the lab


October 2019.  EPR imaging system was presented to the public in HSC hall.

We demonstrated the dependence of EPR line on oxygen concentration using OxySpot sample that is used for clinical oximetry at WVU.


Congratulations to our Ph.D. student Ryan O'Connell for his poster award at the international Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance, July 2019 !!!


Ryan O'Connell (left) with the conference chair Prof. Susumu Takahashi (right)

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